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SEC has a good showing in the NCAA Tourney

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Basketball
Mar 29, 2017

The SEC certainly showed up to play in the NCAA Tournament. Out of the 5 teams that got in, 4 teams won in the first round, with Vanderbilt being the only team to not win a game. Arkansas was the next to go down...

2017 SEC Basketball Update

Posted By Kory Kinslow in SEC Basketball
Feb 12, 2017

At this point in the season the SEC has 3 good teams at the top and 9 teams kind of bunched up after that with two teams bringing up the rear. Kentucky, South Carolina...

2016 SEC Football Preview and Predictions

Posted By: Kory Kinslow in SEC Football
Aug 07, 2016

The SEC has several viable contenders along with a few other teams that will make bowl appearances this season. At the top of the league we have some old school favorites. Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Florida shake out as the top six teams in a once...

NBA Analysis

Posted in NBA Basketball Blog
Mar 31, 2016

I'm going to start off by saying that I believe the Warriors will win the Championship again. I realize that this is not a large leap, but I just wanted to start there.

Is the NFL Looking After It's Players?

Posted in NFL Football Blog
Dec 23, 2015

Last weekend in the NCAA, Baker Mayfield of the Oklahoma Sooners sustained a helmet-to-helmet hit from behind by Ty Summers of TCU early in the second quarter and presented with a delayed-onset headache.

The Worst Predictions for the NFL Season

Posted in NFL Football Blog
Dec 10, 2015

The NFL season is winding down, and before we know it we'll be on the verge of the playoffs. The post-season picture is getting clearer every week, and teams are slowly but surely beginning to be eliminated from contention. We're not quite at the finish line yet, but by now we have a pretty good idea of how the season is shaking out.

Last year's Trade Deadline

Posted by team Detroit Tigers in MLB Baseball Blog
December 03, 2015

This is why we don't trade all our amazing players away at the trade deadline!!! These were the ONLY players on the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club I could recall at the moment!!! Sorry, but...... that was a big mistake. I'm very glad we invested into a new General Manager. Hopefully he will not make the biggest mistake that a general Manager could make. I make this sound like our old GM went mad. Actually I see what he was doing even though it was a huge risk.

5 Highest Paid NBA Players of 2015

Posted in History of the NBA
Oct 07, 2015

As this year is slowly reaching its end it was high time we drew the line when it comes to the amount of money top NBA players have earned this year. Let us see it there are some new names on the list and change of places or this year's list will be the same as the one from 2014. Here are top five NBA players when it comes to earnings in 2015.

2015 College Football Playoff and Bowl Game Predictions

Posted by Kory Kinslow in NCAA Football Blog
Aug 30, 2013

Just about the time of the Black Friday Sales, the college football playoff and bowl schedule will be announced. So, who will end up in those top games this year? Hard to say, but here's my early picks. I will go through each conference, predicting who will win and who will be the runner up of that conference. This will give us an idea of who to look for in the bowl games, as well as the College Football Playoff.

What Makes Sporting Events So Special?

Posted in Other Sports
Aug 30, 2015

Sports are incredible because of the wide audience that enjoys watching them and the huge number of players who love competing. There is nothing else in the world that brings people together and tears them apart in the same way that sports does. But, there are lots of different ways people enjoy sports.

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The point of The Best Sports Blog is to bring you engaging, thought-provoking, and completely unique content on the biggest happenings, issues, and problems in sports. We are not worried about breaking the news first; its the advanced analysis of the events behind, and consequences of, that news that we are concerned with. As a result, you will notice that most of our content - even older articles - is not past due and out of touch. Thats because our analysis is about looking at the big picture, taking on the questions that routine commentators leave alone, and analyzing issues from a viewpoint that is different from all the Talking Heads out there. We are about providing our readers with unique, unvarnished, long term analysis and that is what makes The Best Sports Blog different from any other site on the internet. We are very proud of that so please take a look and we are sure you will see the benefits of this new approach.We also recommend some partner sites to complement your sports training.  In particular, we can vouch for Mike Chang's fitness program and recommend it to SEC sports fans who are trying to get in shape.

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